Website Development

There are many reasons for having a web site these days. Some folks simply like to have a place online they can interact with family and friends, and don’t wish to use off-the-peg solutions such as MySpace or Facebook.

Having your own web site, whether it’s for personal or business use, allows you, as an individual or as a company to brand the site as your very own, in a way you cannot do otherwise..

Here at Kimjac, we truly understand that not everyone has a huge budget or a desire for an all singing and dancing animated extravaganza. We can design and provide you with anything from a one page site to a full business e-commerce solution, and anything in between. We can tailor service packages to meet your needs and your budget too. If you want to simply have us set up a blog that you will maintain yourself that’s fine. If you want something more complex, and you want us to do all the updating work, that’s fine too.

We have expertise in setting up and maintaining blogs and forums, using popular software such as WordPress, Simple Machines, TypePad, and phpBB

“We can tailor service packages to meet your needs and your budget too”

We can intergrate these with many other packages to give your visitors a seamless

experience, between messages, information, chat, photographs, product lines, and events.

Here at Kimjac we’re great proponents of Social Media Networking, which although can be used simply to meet and make friends and keep in touch with folks on a social basis is also very powerful when used to build and develop an online business community of your own.

Audio and video solutions are very much on the increase online in recent times, and this can help explain your product, your interests, or perhaps the events you are hosting in your community or at your business.

Please feel free to drop us a line, at We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.