I am pleased to have the opportunity to rate the quality of service offered by KIMJAC. Our business is in Property Management Services with thousands of clients that requires a fairly sophisticated IT operation as our staff is located in multiple states.  Creating the system we use was difficult and maintaining it a task within itself. Our relationship with Ian May, its owner, has been long term and satisfying and I fully recommend this firm for your consideration. It is a “10” on the evaluation scale.

Jim Wilson
CEO, Odessa Companies
1156 Bowman Road / Suite 200
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Web: Odessacompanies.com

fax: 866.659.1819
mobile: 843.642.6192


KIMJAC, LLC is outstanding! The website was professionally
created expeditiously as I requested. The staff is very pleasant and easy to
relay your ideas and imagination. I would my overall service as “Outstanding”.

From: R. Edward Norwood rodwood11@yahoo.com> , Author of Kids Under$tanding Money http://rodwoodbooks.com/

How would you rate KIMJAC, LLC customer service; Rating from 1 to 10; 10 being the top highest rank?
I rate it a 10.
ken Fox

Kenneth A. Fox, President
The Soundings Group LLC
19 Fort Royal Avenue
Charleston, SC 29407 USA
Tel: 843-324-4921/Fax: 843-763-8126


I will rate Kimjac, LLC customer service a 10.  The staff did a great job implementing a professional product, and is very good at responding quickly and in great detail.

From Max Eckemoff, Charleston, SC

Ian responded to my IT request through the Palmetto Technology Hub, an organization that connects nonprofits with IT professionals.  The services he provided were performed on a pro bono basis.  Even though we were not paying for the work, Ian met with me at length to understand the scope of the project, he mapped out a schedule, answered all questions, and then stuck to his schedule and the objectives.  The project was completed well and on time.  Ian was then available for follow up consultations.  I was impressed with the follow through of KIMJAC, LLC, especially since this was essentially a service project for the company.

Adam Pomerantz
Director of Business Affairs
WINGS for kids, Inc.

PO Box 71648
North Charleston, SC 29415
843.513.5997 (phone)
866.562.8615 (fax)

Kimjac, LLC customer service is the best. Ian’s magic fingers helped fix all the bugs associated with moving my blogs to a new hosting provider. I wouldn’t be up and writing, again, without all of his remarkable help.

Heidi Jeffers Thibodeau
Family Historian and SC Notary Public
Blogz: WithaZ.net

PO Box 1574
Summerville, SC 29484-1574
(843) 564-6364


I have been accustomed to KIMJAC’s IT services and professionalism for over three years. They have always been helpful and creative in resolving computer issues and innovating new solutions for my business. I would rate their knowledge and experience among the top tier if IT professionals

Jim Algar

Jim Algar
Odessa Companies
1156 Bowman Rd Ste 200
Mt. Pleasant SC, 29464
Direct Office: 843-608-6832
Fax : 866-659-1819
e-mail: jima@odessacompanies.com